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Lacrosse isn’t a sport played by the faint of heart. It requires determination, skill and passion every step of the way. Whether you are a brand new player or an elite athlete, tips in choosing the best equipment can allow you to focus on developing your game. Your lacrosse shaft is a direct extension of you while being the link between you and the game. Use this guide to choose your best lacrosse shaft.

Best Lacrosse Shafts for Attackers, Middies and Defenders

Two components define the best shaft for a lacrosse player: position and level of play. While level of play is traditionally thought to include whether a player is competing in the Youth, High School or National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), when choosing the optimal lacrosse shaft you must also include skill set.

Attack Players typically utilize a shaft that is lighter and allows for greater speed and accuracy.

  • At the youth level of play, shaft length must be 28-30”
  • High school or NCAA must have a shaft length of 30”

Midfielders utilize the same length shaft as attackmen, however, the best lacrosse shafts for middies find a balance between lightweight for speed on attack and strength for defensive plays.

Defenders have the long shafts, requiring focus and durability to withstand powerful checks.

  • Typically 60” but can range from 32-60” across all levels of play
  • Occasionally, a midfielder will chose a longer shaft, playing LSM (Long-Stick Middie) as a strategic decision in more advanced levels of play

Goalies have 40” shafts to combine durability with maneuverability.

This guide outlines the top 10 lacrosse shafts for 2020 utilizing four key components: strength to weight ratio, durability, value and versatility across multiple levels of play.

Best Midfield Lacrosse Shafts:

1. ECD Carbon 2.0 Attack Lacrosse Shaft: $99.99

ECD Carbon 2.0 Attack Lacrosse Shaft

East Coast Dyes released their long awaited Carbon 2.0 shaft, featuring a new impact+ layer, improving strength and durability without adding weight or bulkiness to the original ECD Carbon Shaft. This shaft optimizes speed, control and durability, allowing the midfielder to tackle offense and defense equally with one shaft.

Position: Midfield, Attack

Why We Love It:

  • Lightweight at 154 grams
  • Durable composite material
  • Flexes for torque on shooting
  • Uniform, predictable kick point
  • Improved paint to maintain texture longer
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2. StringKing Composite Pro 155 FaceOff Lacrosse Shaft: $129.99

StringKing Composite Pro 155 FaceOff Lacrosse Shaft

Those middies who take the faceoff need a lacrosse shaft as unique and aggressive as they are. The Composite Pro 155 Faceoff delivers one of the best midfield lacrosse shafts on the market with its unique shaft shape and grip. Defined by its durability and consistent performance, this shaft is for the faceoff midfielder seeking predictable skill advancement.

Position: Midfield

Why We Love It:

  • Grip designed for speed, power and control during faceoffs
  • Unique shaft shape generates force needed for leverage during faceoffs
  • Control during faceoff through maximum torque allowing quicker and powerful hands
  • 6-month durability guaranteed
  • Very targeted shaft for one play component
  • Manufactured for optimization when utilized with the Mark 2F faceoff head
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Best Lacrosse Attack Shafts:

1. Warrior Burn Warp Pro Carbon Attack Lacrosse Shaft: $139.99

Warrior Burn Warp Pro Carbon Attack Lacrosse Shaft

Warrior used their perfected expertise from decades of hockey stick development when designing the Burn Warp Pro Carbon Attack Shaft. Designed to maximize shot speed, velocity and quick release, accuracy is obtained without reducing durability. The Burn Warp Pro is easily one of the best lacrosse shafts for the elite attack player ready to make their mark on the field.

Position: Attack, Midfield

Why We Love It:

  • Offers Warrior’s best strength-to-weight ratio and lightest shaft at 125g
  • Design maximizes shot speed, velocity and quick release
  • Includes two end caps to individualize shaft characteristics
  • Optimized when coupled with Warrior Burn Warp Pro Head
  • 30 day Performance Guarantee
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2. Warrior Evo Pro Diamond Attack Lacrosse Shaft: $149.99

Warrior Evo Pro Diamond Attack Lacrosse Shaft

The new Warrior Evo Pro Diamond Attack Lacrosse Shaft was designed for an elite attack player who seeks a quick and accurate release with every shot. The diamond technology gives a sandy grip that eliminates the added weight of grip tape. Combined with a new end cap, this shaft truly feels like an extension of the offensive player’s body.

Position: Attack, Midfield

Why We Love It:

  • Control die shape for superior stick feel and control
  • Improved diamond grip optimizes stick feel in all weather conditions
  • New A-Sym end cap design improves shaft feel and leverage
  • Best for a compact push/pull shot technique
  • Priced for an elite player
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3. STX Sc-Ti Attack Lacrosse Shaft: $99.99

STX Sc-Ti Attack Lacrosse Shaft

An updated gem, the STX Sc-Ti Attack Shaft is sleek and stylish while enhancing control and stick feel. Comprised of a premium scandium/titanium alloy, it maximizes the lightweight nature of titanium by balancing it with lightweight scandium. Best for advanced youth and high school players, this is one of the most popular attack shafts for the price point.

Position: Attack

Why We Love It:

  • Max sandblast provides non-slip grip surface, ideal for all conditions
  • Lightweight alloy shaft
  • 3 different grip profiles designed to maximize your play
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4. Warrior Evo Ax1 Attack Lacrosse Shaft: $134.99

Warrior Evo Ax1 Attack Lacrosse Shaft

The Warrior Evo Ax1 Attack Shaft is touted as the “most advanced composite on the market.” It has lightweight benefits of composite without the loss of power due to shaft flex. Maximizing power and control, the Evo Ax1 Shaft adds strategy and performance to produce superior shot speeds.

Position: Attack

Why We Love It:

  • Slick grip providing strategic texture without additional weight
  • AXYSYM technology for maximum recall with minimal effort
  • Tapered butt end to match palm angle for optimal torque
  • Premium feel and control
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Best Defense Lacrosse Shafts:

1. STX Hammer 700 Composite Defense Lacrosse Shaft: $199.99

STX Hammer 700 Composite Defense Lacrosse Shaft

STX has perfected their domination of the defensive shafts with the STX Hammer 700 Defense Shaft. Designed and priced for the elite player, this shaft has a carbon construction for maximum strength, with a 3D grip for optimal control. Durable performance sums up the Hammer 700 shaft.

Position: Defense

Why We Love It:

  • 3D grip isolated to distal 1/3 of shaft for maximum control without additional bulk
  • Concave octagon profile
  • Perfected carbon construction for lightweight durability
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2. Epoch Dragonfly 9 Defense Lacrosse Shaft: $199.99

Epoch Dragonfly 9 Defense Lacrosse Shaft

Described as the most technologically advanced shaft in lacrosse, the Dragonfly 9 Defense Shaft is defined by its precise customization. Offering 3 different shaft geometries for individualization of play, this shaft optimizes performance for a defenseman or a long-stick middie. The HD Resin Technology employed advances mechanical strength and impact resistance.

Position: Defense, Long-Stick Middie

Why We Love It:

  • Customized shaft geometry and Flex IQ for individualization among defense players
  • Perfect shaft for a LSM
  • Priced for the elite player yet durable for the demands of an aggressive player
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3. Maverik Mission Blank Defense Lacrosse Shaft: $149.99

Maverik Mission Blank Defense Lacrosse Shaft

Unique in its performance and appearance, the Maverik Mission Blank Defense Shaft offers performance in an entirely blank, no frills design. Complete with a patented Adjustable-Butt-End (ABE), the Mission Blank shaft allows players to determine hand rest position without the use of tape. Lightweight and strong with a moderate price point, this is a well-rounded defense shaft for many players.

Position: Defense

Why We Love It:

  • Graphics free shaft
  • Premium strength-to-weight ratio
  • Bead Blasted Finish for control and accuracy
  • Comprised of Scandium Alloy initially made popular in attack shafts due to its lightweight features
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Lacrosse Shaft Sizing Chart

Lacrosse Shaft Sizing By Position:

PositionYouthHigh SchoolNCAA (Collegiate)
Attack28" - 30"30"30"
Midfield28" - 30"30"30"
Defense32" - 60"32" - 60"32" - 60"
Goalie30" - 40"30" - 40"30" - 40"
April 29, 2020
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