Theragun Percussive Therapy is massage reinvented™. Theragun's percussive therapy devices are scientifically calibrated with a 16mm amplitude to reach deep into your muscles and stimulate heat and blood flow, helping to bring oxygen in and impurities out, improving the health and function of your muscles. Their new 4th generation devices treat your muscles 60% deeper than the average massager while now being quieter than ever thanks to their proprietary brushless motor using QuietForce technology(TM).

Benefits of Theragun percussive therapy include: Increasing blood flow, Decreasing lactic acid, Improving range of motion, Hydrating tissue, Preventing adhesions, Faster warm-up, Faster recovery, Increasing flexibility, Decreasing inflammation, Improving posture, Decreasing muscle soreness, and Enhancing sleep quality.

TheraOne CBD Wellness Products

TheraOne Activate is a warming USDA Certified Organic CBD lotion perfect for before your workout and can easily be incorporated into your morning routine to prepare your body for anything the day brings.

TheraOne Recover is a cooling USDA Certified Organic CBD lotion perfect for after your workout or for helping your body unwind after a long day.

TheraOne Revive is a potent USDA Certified Organic CBD body balm designed to ease the areas that need it most. From a muscle strain at the gym to a bad case of tech neck, to a long night in heels, Revive is your go-to for problem areas.

Cannabidiol (CBD) derived from a proprietary, full-spectrum USDA Certified Organic hemp strain is infused into every drop using patent-pending Biosorb™Technology, increasing absorption and effectiveness, and delivering consistent results with each use.

Everything TheraOne creates is cultivated, manufactured, and packaged in Colorado, the first and leading U.S. state with state-level hemp regulation. Our products are independently tested four times, and the final product is sent to an independent, third-party laboratory to verify TheraOne’s test results.

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